Karcher Industrial Sweeper KM 150/500 R LPG

Item ID: 11861230
Model: KM 150/500 R LPG


LPG-powered, fully hydraulic industrial sweeper with three-wheel rear steering. For tackling tough jobs in the building material or metal-working industries, foundries and other dirt-intensive sectors.


The robust, fully hydraulic, LPG-powered KM 150/500 R Lpg industrial sweeper for indoor and outdoor use is suitable for extreme jobs, e.g. in the building material and metal-working industries or foundries and in all other dirt-intensive sectors. Thanks to the dustpan principle, fine sweepings and coarse dirt are reliably vacuumed. The roller brush automatically adjusts to uneven surfaces and the innovative sweeping system reduces wear and tear to a minimum. The main roller brush can be easily changed without tools. The waste container automatically closes during transport. Two horizontally installed flat pleated filters ensure clean air under heavy dust conditions. Filter cleaning can be done with the push of a button using a highly effective dual scraper. The filter is optimally accessible and can be easily changed without the need for tools. The motor is also easy to access. The basic functions can be conveniently selected with a control thanks to the EASY Operation Concept. A cyclone filter cleans the air before it enters the motor and increases the service life considerably.

Features and Benefits

Efficient filter system
  1. Flat pleated filter with 7 m² filter area.
  2. Effective cleaning with dual scraper.
  3. For dust-free sweeping.


Comfortable workplace
  1. All control elements are clearly arranged and easy to access.
  2. All displays in full view.
  3. Optional: cabs with heating or air conditioning.


LPG operation
  1. For exterior and interior inserts.
  2. Low CO2 emissions.
  3. Easy LPG bottle replacement.


Dustpan principle
  1. Good intake of fine and coarse waste.
  2. Low dust dispersion.


Comprehensive range of accessories and attachment kits
  1. Easy adaptation to individual cleaning needs.


Fully hydraulic traction drive and driven main sweeper roller and side brush
  1. Extremely low-maintenance.
  2. No wear and tear.
  3. Extremely durable.


Cyclone pre-filter
  1. Longer working time for the motor filter.
  2. Extended maintenance intervals.



Technical data


Drive 4-stroke LPG engine / Kubota
Drive power (kW) 22
Drive type LPG
Max. area performance (m²/h) 18000
Working width (mm) 1200
Working width with 1 side brush (mm) 1500
Working width with 2 side brushes (mm) 1800
Container (l) 500
Climbing capacity (%) 18
Working speed (km/h) 12
Filter area (m²) 7
Weight (kg) 1415
Dimensions (L x W x H) (mm) 2442 x 1570 x 1640
  1. Manual filter cleaning system
  2. Traction drive, hydrostatic
  3. Adjustable main roller brush
  4. Power steering
  5. Adjustable suction power
  6. Dustpan principle
  7. Forward drive
  8. Reverse traction drive
  9. Vacuum
  10. Hydr. container lift
  11. Outdoor use
  12. Indoor use
  13. Operating hour counter
  14. Sweeping function, selectable
  15. Pneumatic wheels
  16. Side brush swings out automatically



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