Bar Cold Pressure Cleaner K891-152330

Model: K891-152330


The Bar Industrial Electric Cold Pressure Cleaner K891-152330 features the best motor / pump group available for each performance level.



  • Comet Premium Pump with 2 oil sight glasses
  • Slow speed 1400 Rpm electric motor
  • External Unloader Delayed Total Stop c/w time delay Gun
  • 700mm straight lance
  • Fan nozzle
  • 10m R2 Hose

Features and Benefits


HD Structure with Stainless Steel cover
Handy and secure mounting option for hose reel
Convenient storage for gun, hose,lance and cable on the handle
High pressure detergent
4-pole electric motor (1400 rpm) with thermal protection & unique pump-motor coupling system for heavy duty use
Timed Total Stop
Large size pneumatic wheels (ø320 mm)



3335 PSI @ 15 Litres per Minute
Manufactured in Italy



415V Electric Motor
6.6kW Power



Comet RW5530 Plunger Pump
Low 1400 RPM Pump Speed
External Unloader Valve
Built in Italy



Mobile 2 Wheel Cart 70Kg


Accessories included:

10 Metres of hose, 25deg spray nozzle, spray gun & bent lance, brass inlet filter, ejector Kit
Supplied ready to go


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