Karcher Walk-Behind Scrubber Dryer B 40 C Bp classic

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Model: B 40 C Bp classic


Battery-powered walk-behind scrubber dryers in the 40 litre class without traction drive. Ideal for areas of 400 to 1100 m². With innovative KIK system. With roller or disc brush head.


The B 40 C Bp battery-powered walk-behind scrubber dryer can be optionally equipped with roller brush head with parallel roller brushes and sweeping function or with disc brush head. It is ideal for easy, safe and convenient handling, also without traction drive. The new KIK system offers reliable protection against incorrect operation. There are four different squeegees and three different battery versions to choose from. This scrubber dryer can also be fitted with a number of other useful optional features. For example with the Home Base “Mop” or “Box” kits for better transport of additional utensils. Or with “Auto Fill-in” for simple filling of the fresh water tank and tank rinsing system for simplified rinsing out of the dirty water tank. Innovative Kärcher accessories, e. g. brushes with various degrees of hardness, different squeegee blades, pad driver plates/roller pad shaft and pads make this scrubber dryer ideal for a wide range of cleaning tasks.

Features and Benefits

3 batteries to choose from
  1. Battery types: maintenance-free 70 Ah (C5), low-maintenance 80 Ah (C5) or maintenance-free 105 Ah (C5).
EASY operation
  1. Simple to use.
  2. The basic functions are controlled with the EASY switch.


Straight or curved suction bar
  1. For perfect suction on every floor.
  2. There are also different suction lips to choose from: Natural rubber or oil-resistant polyurethane, slotted suction lips for sensitive floors or closed for rough floors.


Practical device shape
  1. The slim machine can be easily manoeuvred, even in tight spaces.
  2. The asymmetric shape offers the best view of the surface to be cleaned.



Technical data


Brush working width (mm) 430
Vacuum working width (mm) 850
Rated input power (W) max 600
Battery (V) 24
Fresh/dirty water tank (l) 50 / 50
Weight (with accessories) (kg) 55
Dimensions (L x W x H) (mm) 1212 x 520 x 1142
  1. Tank-in-tank system


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