Bar Avant Hot Pressure Washer 21/20

Model: Avant Hot 21/20


The Avant Hot 21/20 features a thermostat for temperature adjustment and stainless steel vertical boiler with Flame Control Sensor.

Features and Benefits


Bypass Valve:
Thermostat for temperature adjustment
Stainless steel vertical boiler with Flame Control Sensor
Ventilation by independent electric motor
24V Low tension electrical controls

Detergent injection at high pressure
Stainless Water Tank
Steam Valve



3000 PSI @ 21 Litres per Minute
Manufactured in Italy



415V Electric Motor @ 1440 Rpm
7.5kW / 10.0HP Power



Interpump WS202 Italian Triplex Piston Pump
1440 RPM Pump Speed
100°C Max Temperature
Built in Italy



AISI 304 Stainless Steel Casing
Painted Steel Frame
Weight 170Kg



H880 x W610 x L1100mm


Accessories included:

10 Metres of hose, spray gun & lance with nozzle
Supplied ready to go


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