Bar Hot Water Pressure Cleaner Avant Hot 10/12

Model: Avant Hot 10/12


The BAR Avant Hot 10/12 Hot Water Pressure Cleaners features a bypass valve, thermostat for temperature adjustment and stainless steel vertical boiler.

Features and Benefits

Maer’s Professional Hot Water Pressure Cleaners Feature:
  1. Bypass Valve
  2. Thermostat for temperature adjustment
  3. Stainelss steel vertical boiler
  4. Ventilation by independant electric motor
  5. 24V Low tension electrical controls



1550 PSI @ 12 Litres per Minute
Manufactured in Italy



415V Electric Motor
2.2kW / 3.0HP Power



Interpump W112 Triplex Piston Pump
1440 RPM Pump Speed
100°C Max Temperature
Built in Italy



AISI 304 Stainless Steel Casing
Painted Steel Frame
Weight 130Kg


Accessories included:

10 Metres of hose, spray gun & lance with nozzle
Supplied ready to go



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